Frequently Asked Questions

Participation: General Questions

+ Who can attend Fashion Campus NYC?

This complimentary program is open to:

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate Requirements PDF

MBA and graduate students

MBA & Graduate Requirements PDF

Emerging professionals 

Emerging Professionals Requirements PDF


+ Do I have to be a fashion design student to participate?

No, the program is not geared toward fashion design. Fashion Campus NYC is intended for individuals with an interest in working in any facet of the business side of the fashion industry.  Visit the Career Paths page for more information about the various business career opportunities within the fashion industry.

+ I have just graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program. Can I apply?

No, Fashion Campus NYC is only open to full-time students and currently-employed professionals with at least 2-7 years of work experience. Please refer to the Apply page for more information.

+ I attended Fashion Campus NYC last year. May I participate this year?

No, in order to provide as many students as possible with this exclusive opportunity, we cannot accept students who have previously participated in Fashion Campus NYC.

Participation: Undergraduate Students

+ If I am an undergraduate student, does my internship have to be in New York City for me to participate?

Yes, all undergraduate applicants must have an internship in New York City and must be earning a salary/stipend or academic credit for their internships.

+ What if I am an undergraduate who is not receiving a stipend/salary or academic credit for my internship? May I still participate in Fashion Campus NYC?

Unfortunately, Fashion Campus NYC is open only to interns receiving a stipend/salary or academic credit for their internships.

+ I’m an undergraduate student interning in an industry other than fashion but would like to work in the fashion industry at some point. Am I able to participate?

Yes; however, you must be interning in New York City in a business discipline and earning either a salary/stipend or academic credit.  In addition, you must be able to demonstrate a significant interest in the fashion industry through your resume and/or personal statement.

+ I am a part-time undergraduate student. May I apply?

Undergraduate applicants should be full-time students with an internship in New York City this summer.

Participation: Graduate Students

+ I am an MBA/graduate student working in New York City this summer. What are the rules for me?

MBA & Graduate Requirements PDF

We are pleased to welcome MBA and graduate students this year. You should be studying a business discipline and doing a business internship or fellowship in New York City this summer. Your resume should indicate what type of graduate program you are in.
We recommend that MBA and Graduate students select Track 2 when applying, which features a case study workshop designed to accommodate our more experienced participants.

+ I am a part-time MBA/graduate student. May I apply?

Part-time graduate and MBA students are welcome to apply so long as they are interning/working/pursuing a fellowship in New York City this summer. They should do so as a “MBA or Graduate Student,” not as an “Emerging Professional.” Your resume should reflect the type of graduate program you are in, and if it is part-time.

Participation: Emerging Professionals

+ I am an emerging professional working in the fashion industry. May I apply?

No. Fashion Campus NYC is intended to be a career discovery program for students and professionals who are interested in breaking into the business side of the fashion industry.  However, if you want to be involved, you or your employer should consider participating as company partners and networking event attendees. Please e-mail us at for more info!

+ I am an emerging professional in another field but I am interested in transitioning to the fashion industry.  May I participate?

Emerging Professionals Requirements PDF

Absolutely. Emerging professionals with 2-7 years of experience who are interested in bringing their transferable business skills to the fashion industry are encouraged to apply. We will have special opportunities for participants with work experience, such as the case study workshop , which you should consider signing up for when you apply.


+ When is the application deadline for Fashion Campus NYC?

The application deadline is June 28th. Space is limited, and applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

+ Will I receive a confirmation that my application was received?

Yes, all applicants will receive a message confirming your application was received. If you do not receive such a message, please e-mail

 + How will I know what the status of my application is?

Fashion Campus NYC will notify all applicants of the status of their applications by mid-July.

+ I was accepted into Fashion Campus NYC but can no longer attend. What should I do?

Fashion Campus NYC is a competitive program, so we kindly request that you e-mail to cancel your registration as soon as possible.

+ I was not admitted to this year’s Fashion Campus NYC class but am still interested in learning more about the fashion industry. Will there be a way to access any of the program materials?

Please visit our blog and Facebook pages for information relevant to career development within the fashion industry.

+ If I am not a current undergraduate, do I have to list my school and submit a transcript?

No, only undergraduates need to submit transcripts.  If you are a graduate or MBA student, do list your school.  If you are an emerging professional, please list your most recent degree-granting institution as your school.

+ How can I submit my transcript?

Only undergraduate applicants need to include a transcript. You can scan and upload a copy of a printed transcript or a screenshot of an online version of this document.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.


Events and Program

+ How much does it cost to attend Fashion Campus NYC?

There is no program fee for accepted participants.

+ Can I attend just one or two evenings of Fashion Campus NYC instead of all three nights?

Applicants are considered based on an expectation of their commitment to attend all Fashion Campus NYC events, conveniently held after work hours on Monday, July 22, Tuesday, July 23 and Wednesday, July 24.

+ What is the difference between Track 1 and Track 2?

We’ve created two different program tracks to accommodate the broad range of experience of our participants.

Track 1

Intended primarily for undergraduate students and features two back-to-back Career Path Workshops. Career Path Workshops give participants the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and human resources (HR) managers. Participants will learn about specific jobs and companies and gain insight into what HR managers seek in job candidates.

Track 2

Intended for MBA and graduate students, emerging professionals, and select undergraduates with considerable business experience. It includes one Career Path Workshop followed by a hands-on Business Case Study Workshop. The Business Case Study Workshop is a real-world business plan case study intended to give participants a chance to put their existing business skills to work, gaining industry specific knowledge and the chance to work closely with fashion business professionals.